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Employee Soft Skills

Organizations need leaders with a command of soft skills. Hard skills are easily measured and categorized, but soft skills are a bit more complex. Communication, creativity, persuasion, and analytical reasoning ranked as the top most in-demand skills for employees.


A webinar is an affordable way to get everyone up to speed effectively. I develop custom content tailored to your viewers and your team’s challenges. The virtual experience offers opportunities to engage and ask questions. All webinars are recorded so your employees can access them later.



Employee training programs are often a large investment for companies. Finding the ideal facilitator for your next training session or group event can be daunting. My skill sets, focus areas, and industry experience ensure that ARH Employee Training is the right resource for your unique training needs.


When done right, the onboarding process prepares new hires for success in their positions. My experience with Human Resources and training can help to create and deliver customized employee experiences that align with and elevate your organization’s mission, values, and brand.

Why Audrey Halpern?

Audrey is a New York native who has lived in Connecticut, Los Angeles and Tucson. She is an expert in training the essential skills that employees need for their career development. She is the owner of ARH Employee Training, which serves a wide variety of industries to engage their employees in learning and applying these new 21st century skills.

Throughout her 20+ year career in helping to train, facilitate and consult, she has worked to improve employee training.  She has found innovative ways to develop and customize hundreds of workshops and webinars on how these soft skills are applied. Her heart and her experience will help to unlock the potential in your employees.

When she’s not working, Audrey can be found traveling, being home with her three dogs, or reading. Audrey and the 3 dogs live on the north shore of  Long Island 45 minutes from Manhattan.

What People Are Saying

I highly recommend Audrey as a candidate for the position Soft Skills Trainer. I have had great pleasure to work with her during my American Management Association’s ‘Communication with Confidence’ training in Boston, MA. I was impressed by her teaching methods of understating, practicing and performing core communication skills which have helped me a lot to become a more effective communicator in professional and personal life. Any person would be lucky to have Audrey as soft skills trainer.

Arnab H.

Software Engineer, GNS Healthcare

Audrey Halpern’s presentations class for professionals at Hofstra is amazing. She gives you the tools you need to better yourself as public speakers. One of the best things she does is record you while speaking and then go over the video (in private) pointing out opportunities for improvement. It is indeed an eye opener to see yourself give a presentation. Audrey equips you with “one liners” and “ice breakers” to get any meeting or presentation started. Your time with Audrey is definitely worth your while if you are a professional whose job requires you to speak in public.

Beena Manu

Associate Executive Director, Northwell Health

Audrey was instrumental in launching my first company. She was an adviser, coach and sounding board when I needed it most. She wasn’t afraid to tell me my ideas could use some new direction, but did it in a positive way that was encouraging instead of negative. I am completely confident that Audrey is the right person for any training role on which she sets her sights.

Marc Zimmerman

President, 4Z Design, Marketing & Printing

Audrey is an exceptional trainer and instructional designer. I have had the pleasure of working with her for a few years and she is always professional and gives 100% to each and every one of her classes. Audrey has a talent in discovering the pain points and challenges that her students have, and being able to customize a training solution specific to their needs. Her ability to think on her feet is also a true talent and indication of her skills. I would recommend Audrey in a heartbeat for any opportunity that she is being considered for. She will ensure students and clients are extremely happy by the end.

Eugenia Bachaleda

Assistant Director, Education and Resources, Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders (NICHE)

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