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I highly recommend Audrey as a candidate for the position Soft Skills Trainer. I have had great pleasure to work with her during my American Management Association’s ‘Communication with Confidence’ training in Boston, MA. I was impressed by her teaching methods of understating, practicing and performing core communication skills which have helped me a lot to become a more effective communicator in professional and personal life. Any person would be lucky to have Audrey as soft skills trainer.

Arnab H.

Software Engineer, GNS Healthcare

Audrey is a good soul! I say this because it is what makes her a GREAT teacher! She is not just teaching you skills to better your performance at work but really how to be a better human overall! She speaks with kindness, respect and in a manner that just makes you want to hear more! She makes you want to walk the talk! From her I have taken away a new view on not only work but my personal interactions as well. It is amazing how one person in one session can make you open your eyes and your mind to so much you never saw before. I thank you Audrey for the enlightenment & for such a valuable lesson!

Carol D'Amato

Purchasing Coordinator, Qosina

Audrey was a very effective collaborator on meeting our operations supervisory training needs. She spent time to understand our business and trainee background and designed appropriate management skills content. As a facilitator Audrey was very effective at encouraging participant engagement and interaction. Our “people” managers acknowledged that they received useful tools in the practical aspects of day to day management.

Anne Haumacher

Audrey Halpern’s presentations class for professionals at Hofstra is amazing. She gives you the tools you need to better yourself as public speakers. One of the best things she does is record you while speaking and then go over the video (in private) pointing out opportunities for improvement. It is indeed an eye opener to see yourself give a presentation. Audrey equips you with “one liners” and “ice breakers” to get any meeting or presentation started. Your time with Audrey is definitely worth your while if you are a professional whose job requires you to speak in public.

Beena Manu

Associate Executive Director, Northwell Health

Audrey delivers! Her highly interactive, engaging communicationskills involve the participants the minute they enter the roomwhich is a wonderful foundation for a successful program. Ourparticipants all walked away for useful ideas to further theircommunication skills and business development.

Barbara Spinelli

Career Consultant

Hi Audrey, As you know, we have had a lot of challenges over the last year with budget constraints but needing to continue to provide staff with the soft skills.. You have been incredibly flexible in tweaking your material to deliver exactly what we asked you to deliver in the various programs and workshops.. We have seen the positive results in staff with people approaching their jobs differently.. You are a big hit on campus! When managers get stuck and are not sure what they need to do to help their employees, I tell them to call you and describe what they want to do and what results they want to see.. After speaking with you , managers walk away with a better idea about how to approach the problem.. Thank you for all of your help and for delivering positive results in a short period of time.. We look forward to working with you on new programs.

Renita W. Simmons

Executive HR Director, Brooklyn College

Audrey brings to light many things that one would classify as “common-sense” but we do not put them forth. The training sessions were absolutely enlightening for my staff. As technophiles, we tend to be short on soft and people skills but Audrey brought out the importance of possessing and in practicing these oh so important skills in our daily routine. Thank you. I highly recommend her and look forward to future training for my team and I from her.

E. Curtis Howell

IT Consultant, CompuCom

I recently took Ms. Halpern’s Mastering the Art of Presentations course at Hofstra University. It was a great learning experience and has helped me tremendously in my career. She provided valuable insights that have assisted in appearance and confidence while addressing an audience. These are valuable skills that all business professionals should possess.

Steven Harsche

Regional Finance Manager, North American Partners in Anesthesia

Audrey presented a 2 hour presentation on “Managing and Maximizing Soft Skills for the Zarb MBA Students” Career,” which was a huge success.She tackled the soft skills beyond the typical. From “Managing Upwards,” to subtle “Self-Promotion,” to “Six Laws of Influence ” she prepared our students well for what to expect in the work place. These were the skills not learned in the classroom, but so important for career development and success !

Barbara Church-Kattan

Director Frank G. Zarb School of Business, Graduate Business Career Services, Hofstra University

Audrey is a great instructor. All the information was clear and presented verbally and visually. She created a safe enviroment for us to try out and explore the methods of giving great presentations. We were given constructive criticism in a encouraging tone. She is wonderful in giving training especially in the presentations field. Would refer her to anyone for this subject matter.

Deanna Malloy

Instructional Technologist, Hofstra University

Audrey taught us the presentation skills workshop, which is part of the MBA curriculum at Hofstra University. She handled the class very skillfully, and her lessons were logical progressions. She paid personal attention to each student even when the class strength was twice the intended number. She gave us the right examples, and several intuitive tips to go along with the lessons. We felt that she had years of experience with conducting such workshops with students from similar backgrounds, but were pleasantly surprised when we learnt that it was her first time this year. If I had a choice, I would definitely choose to have Audrey for similar personality/soft skills development workshops.

Apurv Vispute

Digital Analyst

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Ms Audrey Halpern who has an excellent command over soft skills training along with exceptional communication skills in interacting with her students. . Audrey is a true professional with the enthusiasm and passion to create a student centered classroom environment where hands on active learning takes place. She taught the students how to use the tools and techniques needed to provide excellent customer service support in their own custom area of service. She taught the group how to use the tools and techniques necessary to provide excellent customer service support which often plays a key role in client satisfaction and the building of a loyal customer base. For example, she stepped in on a moment’s notice to provide Customer Service skills training for a valued client of mine once the original instructor took ill. As a result, the feedback from the attendees were highly positive as noted on the students’ evaluations– moreover, their supervisor was extremely pleased with the outcome as it quickly became evident with the department’s increased productivity and performance in their respective job roles. I very much look forward to working with Audrey on future client opportunities in the Soft Skills area.

William Dolan

Manager of Sales Operations

From the first day of product training I noticed Audrey would be a great asset to my career at Optimum Lightpath. Audrey is very thorough and organized along with professional and well spoken.With her experience of the product and internal procedures she made me feel very comfortable when the week of training was over. I highly recommend Audrey for any company that needs to introduce procedures and products to their employees as she leaves you feeling very comfortable when you leave the training and continues to guide you in the right path to your success.

Louis Evangelista

Area Sales Manager, Henry Schein Medical Systems - MicroMD/Solutions Hub

I have had the privilege of partnering with Audrey numerous times while she was a Director of Training at Optimum Lightpath. Audrey is a consummate professional, one who has passion and conviction in all she pursues, and one who leverages technology to provide efficiencies when ever possible. She is an asset to any organization and one I am confident will continue to be successful in whatever she pursues. 

Richard Donovan

Audrey was instrumental in launching my first company. She was an adviser, coach and sounding board when I needed it most. She wasn’t afraid to tell me my ideas could use some new direction, but did it in a positive way that was encouraging instead of negative. I am completely confident that Audrey is the right person for any training role on which she sets her sights.

Marc Zimmerman

President, 4Z Design, Marketing & Printing

Audrey was brought on when OLP instituted their go fast strategy. Her role was to make sure all training sessions were organized, produced and executed. All of my direct reports consistently complemented the classes and how it would help them get started. Audrey accomplished what her roles were set to be.

Michael Liloia

Regional Vice President, Crown Castle

Audrey has an outstanding work ethic and focus on the job athand. She was a tremendous asset to our organization.

Timothy Lanni

Government & Education Sales, Optimum Lightpath

Audrey is great to have on any team. She is bright, cheerful, andhard working. She knows when to buckle down and work andwhen to cut loose and have fun. Thanks for all your help Audrey!

Eugene Birman

Strategic Account Executive, Crown Castle Fiber

I met Audrey on my first day of employment at Optimum Lightpath as she was the coordinator for all Product and Service training for new hires throughout the sales organization. Audrey did a great job of putting together a training program which focused on all the areas of the business and her enthusiasm for the job always came through. Audrey was also great at listening to feedback from the sales organization in order to best enhance the existing training program.

Neil Adlin

Enterprise Account Executive, Altice Business Services

Audrey is an excellent resource for any employee looking to further their professional development. The training I underwent with Audrey has bettered me in many ways, both professionally and personally. She has so much knowledge and is a great mentor and I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from her. Anyone who has the opportunity to train with Audrey is very lucky and should go in with an open mind, as so much can be taken away from her classes.

Allison Ryan

Team Leader, Clinical Client Services, BioIVT

“Audrey” is great to work with. Not only is she gifted in Soft skills, but she has the ability to train and teach, thus combining the two very well. She is professional, enthusiastic, and reliable. We have been working together in developing new training time to time and she is very much flexible to work with as she listen, evaluate the suggestion given to her. The work becomes much easier as she coordinate not only being an expert but understanding the need of the programs as how they will enhance attendees knowledge in real time. What is more Interesting, is that she also prefer to listen her recorded sessions to improve the sessions and to provide more input for the industry and always open for feedback given to her. Lastly, Effective teaching does not involve presenting exciting lessons or activities to the class, it is a craft learned over time & She has the expertise/command over the subjects she teach & present.

Subhankar Roy

Senior Manager, Operations & Business Development

Before joining the Effective Leadership class, I was a bit skeptic about how it is going to go due to not so impressive performance of a trainer on a prior engagement, but Audrey was awesome. She made a typically dry topic into an interactive conversation, where the entire class room learned at the same pace. Audrey is special and has an amazing way to connect to the trainee. She was well prepared and an expert in the subject matter. I will seek out her help in the future. The whole time I was thinking her as “Audrey Hepburn”, but realize at the end that she is “Audrey Halpern”, but I must say Audrey performed superbly like Miss Hepburn. Best wishes to Audrey on her future endeavor!

Nasir Ahmed

Utilities Engineer, Kedrion Biopharma

This past summer, Audrey helped to develop a Supervisor training program specific to our needs which included a range from meeting facilitation to performance feedback. It was a three class series where each class built upon the previous class. From doing it this way, Audrey was able to get to know our management team and our company culture. This allowed the trainings to be tailored to our strengths and weaknesses. Audrey’s training sessions are interactive and not just lecture based. We are looking forward to having Audrey come back in 2017 to host additional trainings for our team. Thanks Audrey for helping to develop our team’s soft skills.

Brooke Furey

Director of Human Resources

I had the great pleasure of attending a couple of management courses in our office last year. I found the course material very relevant and informative and came away feeling very uplifted due to Audrey’s ability to engage the audience and make sure that everyone particpated in the role playing offering subtle advice. I would strongly recommend her for any future client. Great job.

Peter Rahaman

Vice President Business Development, Wayne's World Media Group, LLC

Audrey is an exceptional trainer and instructional designer. I have had the pleasure of working with her for a few years and she is always professional and gives 100% to each and every one of her classes. Audrey has a talent in discovering the pain points and challenges that her students have, and being able to customize a training solution specific to their needs. Her ability to think on her feet is also a true talent and indication of her skills. I would recommend Audrey in a heartbeat for any opportunity that she is being considered for. She will ensure students and clients are extremely happy by the end.

Eugenia Bachaleda

Assistant Director, Education and Resources, Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders (NICHE)

Audrey presented a 2 hour presentation on “Managing and Maximizing Soft Skills for the Zarb MBA Students”. Audrey is friendly and approachable; she has built good relationships with our students, as many were speaking with her before the training began. She connects well with her students and presented topics such as “Managing Upwards,” “Self-Promotion,” to “Six Laws of Influence “. Several of the students were International Students from China, which Audrey connects beautifully with cross-culturally. There was good discussion about how these concepts are similar and different cross-culturally. We are grateful for her contribution to our students as these soft skills are critical for their career success!

Lauren Moy

Certified Career Coach

I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Audrey in facilitating numerous live webinars and online classes on Soft Skills topics. In addition to being an excellent trainer, one of the best that I’ve known, Audrey is also a true professional, and I’ve come to admire her work ethics and learned a lot from her over the years. She has the capacity to keep a large audience engaged and the ability to take some of the most mundane, albeit important, topics and turn them into an exciting learning session – and what impresses me even more is that she has adapted her in-person presentation/training skills to the widely adopted live online format of this day and age. During my tenure of overseeing and moderating live webinars to hundreds of corporate clients globally, I can confidently say that 100% of the webinar attendees were extremely happy with Audrey’s quality of instruction and the value of her training sessions. I would strongly recommend Audrey’s services to anyone looking to deploy training sessions, whether internally to staff members or in publicly delivered classes, seminars or events.

Rinchen Athop

Digital Marketer

I have had the opportunity to attend Audrey’s training which I found her to extremely knowledgeable and engaging. I have also with full confidence had the occasion to book Audrey’s services for my clients. The clients always give great evaluations and particularly comment on her ability to personalize the training to meet their specific training goals. I highly recommend anyone who is in need of Management, Sales, Team Building or Customer Service training use Audrey, you will not be disappointed.

Greg Massengale

Source One Mobile Web Solutions

I have had the privilege to know Audrey for almost 4 years. We were introduced by a mutual connection and friend Patricia Kantor. Audrey has drive and passion that comes across in everything she does; she truly wants to make a difference and have an impact Audrey has excellent facilitation and training skills in face-to-face, online and blended learning. She has the ability to distill information and concepts so that people can grasp them quickly and apply them to their jobs. I have seen this first hand in our collaborative efforts as a member of the Opus Partners team. She is a very giving and sharing person and is always willing to help someone in their job search, make an introduction or share an insightful article or study. I would highly recommend her. She can and will be a real asset.

David Leaver

President, Opus Partners Inc.

Audrey provided expert advice on sales consulting, hiring andbusiness process improvement at Sunrise Packaging Group. Irecommend Audrey for any sales training or business consulting.

Josh Davis

Executive Director of Business Development

As one of the most personable people I’ve had the pleasure ofgetting to know, Audrey is an absolute professional! She excels atputting people at ease and is a joy to work with. She is patient,understanding and is both experienced in her field and verytalented. Audrey’s credentials put her at the top of my list!!

Bill Martin

Recruiting Manager

As the Director of Training at Lightpath Audrey was instrumental in helping us create and maintain a successful sales organization by developing creative, dynamic, and highly effective training programs for the enterprise. This was done in no small measure due to the training programs she developed for our ever evolving Salesforce.com application, which has become the absolute mission critical application that it is today. She truly understands the critical importance of resource development and knowledge transfer programs in achieving and maintaining successful organizations. She is professional, driven, efficient and very pleasant to work with.

John (JC) Merrill

Sales Enablement Manager, Altice USA

I had the pleasure of working with Audrey at Optimum Lightpath. During that time, Audrey repeatedly demonstrated her professionalism and skill as a team leader and her active role in propelling the Sales initiative through her designated training program. Her performance, enthusiasm and personable approach in achieving goals are exemplary. Audrey would well represent any employer.

Angel Rella

Sr. Business Contracts Manager, Lightpath

I have worked with Audrey in her role as Director of training at Optimum Lightpath for the past 4 years. When she came tot he company she was brought on to develop a formal training program for the company. I found Audrey to be very resourceful and organized. She was always eager to help and find the proper resource for any problem whether it was training related or not. Audrey is an energetic, motivated individual who brings passion to whatever she sets out to accomplish.

Joseph Torraca

Vice President of Business Development, RCN Business

Working with Audrey has been a great experience. Audrey wasalways ready to help with providing training, not only the NewHires but also the tenured people like myself. She always had asmile on her face and her messages and emails were very goodmoral boosters. She was an asset at Lightpath.

Richard A. Bruno

Enterprise Sales Executive, Crown Castle

It was an absolute pleasure to get to know Audrey and work with her at Optimum Lightpath. As Director of Sales, it is crucial for my Sales Reps to be trained on all aspects of our company. From product all the way through the sales order entry, billing, implementation, these are all critical to their success. Audrey created “boot camp” training sessions for the new hires, which would involve all departments, teaching the Reps what each division is responsible for. Audrey always was accessible for me, and any of my direct reports, anxious to lend a hand to ensure success. She will be a remarkable resource for any organization lucky enough to employ her.

Robert Weinstein

Director of Sales, Crown Castle Fiber

I’ve had the extreme pleasure of working closely with Audrey over the past few years. My highest compliment to someone out side of my engineering discipline would be that Audrey became and engineer. In order to train a very technical highly skilled sales teams on complex fiber optic technology. She has become a close friend with all of us in the community (not and easy group to win over) because of her tenacity to learn and be equipped to teach as we would ourselves.

Robert Seyffart

Sales Engineer, Optimum Lightpath